Lux Illumination

Founded in January 2010, the founders of Lux Illumination found a strength in their foundations of DJing, entertaining and designs custom events for every occasion. With over 20 years of experience, the founders of Lux became experts of event coordination and design - design that strikes visually, vocally, and physically to its viewers. The passion of the team created new relationships with manufactures and designers overseas to fit the needs of the industry and towards the applications Lux found best for modern day and time. The application of smarter than harder continues to ring true in the heard and eyes of Lux as they continue to find products and technology creating brighter, stronger colors and emotions to the industry of entertainment. Lux searches for the technology that lasts longer, technologically smaller, illuminates with brighter colors and ultimately creates the best value and return for its clients.

Lux Illumination provides luxury to the eyes and ears of its brand. Our dedication is to bring a new experience to you and your viewers which is hard to come by. We bring satisfaction to the table and money to your pocket.