At Lux Illumination we believe in the power of L.E.D. technology. We have watch this technology change the ability of lighting for commercial and professional lighting last longer, become brighter for less power, and change to thousands of colors with a single fixture.

These are some of the Highlighted favorites we think you would enjoy at first glance. Take a look and search deeper into our other categories for a broader selection of similar lights!
  • MS26

    60W LED Moving Head Spot Light

  • MS29-100

    100W LED Moving Head Spot Light

  • MS29-200

    200W LED Moving Head Spot Light

  • MW1803 RGB
    MW1803 RGB

    18 x 3W RGB Moving Wash

  • MW1803 Tri
    MW1803 Tri

    18 x 3W Tri Color Moving Wash

  • P38-803 Tri
    P38-803 Tri

    Indoor 8 x 3W Tri Color LED Par

  • P64F-181 RGBA
    P64F-181 RGBA

    Indoor 181 x 10mm RGBA Single Color LED Par

  • P56-181 RGB
    P56-181 RGB

    Indoor 181 x 10mm RGB Single Color LED Par

  • P56-1803 RGB
    P56-1803 RGB

  • LB-384 RGB
    LB-384 RGB

    Indoor 384 x 5mm RGB Single LED Light Bar

  • LB-252 RGB
    LB-252 RGB

    Indoor 252 x 10mm RGB Single LED Light Bar

  • GoScan-60